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January 2012

Weather forecast! Still cold, still light snow on occasion, still ice here and there, tapering off by the last weekend of January.

8-14; transition to dreamwidth period – no curses, expect to begin posting to DW exclusively on 1/15, there will be more mod posts regarding this move this week prior to 1/15

15; Legoland
Do you know what were fun to play with as a kid? Legos. Today, it's time to get creative, because the City has decided to grace everyone with more than a bucket full of Legos. In fact, a lot of things now seem to be Legos. Your house? Legos. (Have fun remodeling!) Your cat? Legos. You? Hey, why not -- Legos. Whether you're making elaborate models or just playing with blocks, the possibilities are endless.

18; Groovy New Feelings
It seems that certain citizens are woefully ignorant about the Facts of Life, so it is up to The City to educate them! Today citizens take it upon themselves to educate the masses about Where Babies Come From, or any other high school sex ed class subject of their choosing. However accurate or inaccurate their own perception may be, and however colourfully they wish to present it.

21-22; Grab Bag Weekend
See this post for a list of curses you can throw at your character. You may use a different curse for each day or one curse for both days. However curses should not overlap, ex. you cannot use gender switch and safari to turn your male character into a female kangaroo for a day. The grab bag list will be updated monthly. Each weekend will be preceded by an organization post on poly_tldr

25; Tick tock, goes the clock
Sorry, residents. For whatever reason, the clock is particularly loud today. Like, really loud. We'd be surprised if you could hear your own thoughts. And no amount of socializing will help.

27-29; 4th Wall Weekend
Take care not to go outside, for those who know vastly more than the denizens of the City are on the prowl. They giggle, they squee, they make moony eyes. Run, don’t walk, and make sure them doors are locked. [Personal journals, dropped characters, double characters, not-in-game characters, etc. can bust in on current characters, but please troll respectfully and heed any OOC notes in entries.]

31; Desert Days
A little sand seems to be popping up everywhere. Pinches in your sandwich, a small dune in the bathtub, grains in your pants, it's all there. But what does it mean? Stay tuned for more details about this event!

PS. The Calendar is currently mirrored here, but because polychromatic's DW accounts are still a work in progress please ask any questions you might have here on LJ for now, thanks!
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